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Barcode Scanning

Where would we be without barcodes? In today’s world, barcodes have become a fact of everyday life, enabling us to move through the check out quickly, track and trace a parcel and even capture patient’s health records in one 2D barcode. As barcode technology continues to advance, we can now use our smart phones to capture a barcode image in the weekend newspaper and activate a promotion!

Very simply put, barcodes are used as a simple method for product identification. Most recognisably, retail ready products at the point of sale use barcodes for unique product identification, while enabling an efficient method for a POS transaction. Manufacturers utilise barcodes for equipment serial numbers on electronic device’s to enable both consumer and manufacturer to track equipment warranty. In the manufacturing, distribution and logistics industries, the SSCC (serial shipping container code) barcode is used for traceability throughout the supply chain. Where there is a barcode used to identify a product, barcode scanners have been utilised at multiple points across the supply chain process, to track the product from manufacturer to the consumer. Barcode scanning increases efficiencies through data accuracy, therefore increasing overall productivity.

Typically, barcode scanners are categorised as either

  • Fixed barcode scanners or Keyboard scanner (referred to as tethered) 
  • Cordless barcode scanner (traditionally Bluetooth enabled)  
  • Mobile barcode scanner (portable barcode scanners) 

BCP Media partner with globally recognised hardware vendors, to offer an extensive range of barcode scanners that deliver optimum performance and value for money.

Barcoding is in our DNA! We have years of experience working with barcodes, from delivering variable pre-printed barcode labels to implementing fixed or mobile scanning solutions to enable our clients to work more efficiently.

    Available in

    • Mobile or Portable Barcode Scanners 
    • Industrial & Rugged Barcode Scanners 
    • Handheld & Hands Free Barcode Scanners 
    • Fix Mounted Barcode Scanners  
    • Tethered & Cordless Scanners (BlueTooth) 
    • 1D & 2D barcode scanning 
    • Extensive range of periperhals 


    Why partner with BCP Media to assist in your barcode scanning requirements?

    • Educated team of specialists to propose the right product to suit your needs 
    • Equipment is delivered with full manufacturer’s warranty in Australia  
    • Versatility of equipment 
    • Globally recognised brands 
    • Pre & Post sale support offerings 

    BCP Media can assist you with your individual barcode scanning requirements. CONTACT US directly to discuss your printing application further.

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