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Barcode scanner choices - Industrial, Ruggedised

Posted by Katrina Marentis

Barcode scanners - industrial, high performance scanning for extremely tough conditions At BCP Media we recommend a rugged barcode scanner if there's a chance of it being covered in dust or dirt, sprayed with water or dropped from forklifts or by employees on ladders. Investing in the right scanner for your environment will provide the longevity and performance you need to achieve a maximum return on your investment.

Meet Motorola’s family of Symbol rugged barcode scanners

Motorola offers both a corded and cordless version of nearly all the products in its rugged barcode scanner family. The corded models are an affordable option for situations in which your employees don’t need to move far from the host computer in order to scan items, while the cordless products give your employees more flexibility, allowing them to work up to 300 feet/91.44 meters (dependent upon environment) from the host and minimizing the chances of downtime occurring as a result of a cord being damaged.

Symbol LS3008 Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanner - Symbol LS3008 barcode scannerThe rugged Symbol LS3008 hand held barcode scanner delivers affordable performance and durability in a lightweight ergonomic design for superior productivity in smaller manufacturing, light industrial, retail backroom and healthcare environments. Single board construction, frictionless Liquid Polymer Scan Technology and a scratch-resistant exit window provide the highest level of uptime performance in its class for all day everyday use.

Symbol LS3408-FZ and Symbol LS3578-FZ Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanner - Symbol LS3408 Symbol LS3578-FZ Barcode ScannerFuzzy logic technology allows the Symbol LS3408-FZ and LS3578-FZ rugged barcode scanners to rapidly and accurately read the damaged, dirty and poorly printed 1D bar codes typically found in industrial environments. In the yard, warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing plant or retail store, these handheld scanners offer superior performance and reliability as well as a user-friendly ergonomic form factor to help your employees comfortably operate the scanner — even over eight-hour shifts. A wide array of multiple on-board interfaces ensures connectivity to existing and future hosts, protecting your investment by providing the flexibility to upgrade systems without requiring new scanners. Two models are available: the corded LS3408-FZ and the cordless LS3578-FZ, which offers reliable operation up to 300 feet away from the cradle (dependent upon environment).

Symbol LS3408-ER Barcode Scanner

Barocde Scanner - Symbol LS3408The Symbol LS3408-ER and the LS3578-ER rugged scanners deliver the greatest working range, allowing workers to scan 1D bar code labels at near contact to as far away as 45 feet (13.7 meters). This highly flexible device is ideal in the yard, warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing plant or retail store, where the dual-scan angle allows easy scanning of items on pallets and shelves as well as tiny bar codes on pick lists at close range. Choose between the corded LS3408-ER and the cordless LS3578-ER. The cordless model offers reliable operation up to 300 feet away from the cradle (dependent upon environment), providing workers with the freedom to move easily throughout the work environment to perform tasks on-the-spot as needed.

Symbol  DS3407-HD & Symbol  DS3408-HD Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner Symbol DS3407Symbol Barcode Scanner DS3408-HDDesigned for scan intensive, fast-paced production environments, Motorola’s DS34XX-SF DS3407/08-SF family of scanners are as innovative as they are rugged. These 1D/2D bar code scanners DS3478-SF offer the construction required to withstand demanding all-day every day use in a warehouse or large retail backroom for picking, put-away shipping, receiving and more. The charge-coupled device (CCD) image sensors, omni-directional scanning and two-position smart focus (a Motorola-only feature) combine to enable extraordinarily accurate and rapid processing of bar codes. Choose between the corded DS3408-SF; the cordless DS3478-SF, which offers reliable operation up to 300 feet away from the cradle; and the corded DS3407-SF, which offers imaging and document capture in addition to 1D and 2D bar code scanning.

Symbol DS3407-DP / Symbol DS3478-DP Barcode Scanner

Symbol DS3407-DP / Symbol DS3478-DP Barcode ScannerAlso built on the same platform as Symbol DS34XX-SF barcode scanners, the Symbol DS3407-DP DS3407-DP and Symbol DS3478-DP barcode scanners are designed to read all 1D and 2D symbologies as well as direct DS3478-DP part marks with laser-like accuracy. These scanners are ideal in heavy manufacturing — including automative, aerospace and medical — where a wide variety of bar code types are found. The scanner reads the most challenging direct part mark — dot peen — as well as, laser etch, chemical etch, inkjet, mold, cast and thermal spray marks. Choose between the corded Symbol DS3407-DP and the cordless Symbol DS3478-DP, which offers reliable operation up to 300 feet away from the cradle (dependent upon environment).

Symbol P360/P370 Barcode Scanner

Symbol P360/P370 Barcode ScannerImprove productivity at the point of sale, in the warehouse and factory floor with Symbol P360/P370 Phaser barcode scanners. The corded Symbol P360 and cordless P370 offer an award-winning forward-scanning pistol grip, minimizing fatigue in scan-intensive applications to maximize productivity, even during long shifts. The display screen and optional keypad improve productivity — workers can confirm scanned data at the source, and enter and correct information on the spot, eliminating the need to travel to and from a deskbound computer.

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