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Label Printing Software

Producing a label containing variable data has become a necessity in most businesses day to day activities. BCP Media have various packages available, which are easy to use and up to date with the latest barcode technology.

We understand that creating label formats within a business can be time consuming. By offering globally recognised label printing packages, we ensure that the software solutions we offer, deliver on-going support offerings. These, include software version updates and software upgrade path’s to accommodate changes within your business.

BCP Media offer a range of label printing software packages for printing labels on demand. The package we recommend is determined by the throughput of labels you produce, the intricacy of the label you want to create and if the software needs to be stand alone or integrated with existing software. Single stations or network versions are also available.

Our packages can be used to create various types of on demand labels including and not limited to:-

  • Destination or address label 
  • Barcode label 
  • Pathology label 
  • Retail label 
  • Asset label 
  • Serial label 
  • Ingredient label 
  • Product label 
  • Warehouse logistics label 

We use the software in-house, so we have firsthand experience with functionality, performance, suitability to the print requirement, and most importantly offer software installation, training and support for our clients.

You don’t have to be an expert to use the label printing software packages that we offer. Many include simple drag and drop design features, wizards to help create GS1 or complex SSCC barcode’s, and even ready-to-print templates. Graphics and logos can also be incorporated into your label format quite easily.

Available to suit ~

  • Adhesive roll labels for thermal transfer printing 
  • Sheet Labels 
  • Tags 
  • Smart Code encoding 
  • RFID 

Brands ~

  • Zebra Technologies; Zebra Designer Pro 
  • BarTender
  • Easylabel 

Why partner with BCP Media to assist with your software requirements?

  • We have a team of experienced specialists able to give you the right advice on the best product for your requirements 
  • We sell only Globally recognised brands  
  • Our packages are easy to use 
  • We can assist you with full on site installation and training on your new label printing software package 

Label Printing Software Brochures to Download

Zebra Designer Pro Zebra Designer Pro (512 KB)

BarTender BarTender (1639 KB)

Easylabel Easylabel (645 KB)

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