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If you require a swing tag or ticket for identification, BCP Media can work with you to design and create a tagging solution. From blank tags that you can print yourself on demand, to pre-printed roll tags or booklet tags, we have the ability to deliver a wide range of options to suit your application.

The word tag often describes a non adhesive paper or synthetic label that is attached to a product by means of wire, cable or ties. It is commonly used on product that is difficult to stick an adhesive label to, ie very small objects, non flat objects, surfaces that are dirty or rough or where the tag needs to be removed easily without leaving adhesive.

Tags can be manufactured either blank or pre-printed and can be run through a thermal transfer printer, if variable printing is required. Generally, blank tags are printed through mid to industrial size label printers. Specialty manufacturing such as barcoding, holes, perforations and notches can be included, as can additional working such as bundling, wiring and applying ties.

Typical examples of where a tag can be used are:- carcass or meat tags, test and tag, timber tags, agricultural tags, bag tags, carton tags, crate tags and danger or test tags.

Available in

  • Blank or Printed Matt Card or Tag Stock 
  • Blank or Printed Direct Thermal Card or Tag Stock 
  • Blank or Printed Gloss Card or Tag Stock 
  • Blank or Printed Synthetic Card or Tag Stock suitable for outdoor application (such as Valeron tagstock)


  • Registration notch on tag 
  • Black line sensing on tag 
  • Hole or specialty cuts 
  • Perforations within tag 
  • Fixed or variable Barcoding

Why use BCP Media blank or pre-printed tags?

  • BCP Media work with you to come up with a solution that meets your unique requirement including additional work such as bundling, wire or applying ties 
  • Superior print quality 
  • Premium raw material used to ensure durability and consistency 
  • Manufactured with the highest attention to detail 
  • Our understanding of thermal transfer printing enables us to recommend the best tag and ribbon stock combinations to ensure durability and compatibility

Roll Tags or Fanfold Tags available to suit all machines including Zebra and Datamax mid to industrial printers. Small to large custom made runs available.

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