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Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Whether you’re printing on a matt, gloss or synthetic label, BCP Media stock ribbons to suit your application and printer. Black and full colour range available!

What is the difference between thermal transfer and direct thermal printing?

Most label printers can perform in two different modes; direct thermal or thermal transfer. Direct thermal is a process where the image is burnt onto the face stock and no ribbon is required. Typically this type of print is used for labels that are only required to last a short period of time, such as destination or despatch stickers. Thermal transfer is where a ribbon is used to transfer an ink ribbon image onto the face of the label. Thermal transfer ribbons can be commonly referred to as carbon ribbon, printer rolls or printer ink rolls. Thermal Transfer print is a lot more durable in comparison to direct thermal printing. The durability of the print is also determined by the grade of ribbon used.

Grades of thermal transfer ribbons available

  • Waxed Ribbon for economy printing on paper material 
  • Waxed/Resin Ribbon for general purpose printing on paper and some synthetic material
  • Full Resin Ribbon for maximum durability on synthetic material 
  • Coloured Ribbon

There are various brands of thermal transfer ribbons on the market, some offering better consistency of performance than others. For best results the ribbon should have superior back coating to reduce friction on the print head. Ideally, to achieve the optimum life from your print heads, the printer heat setting should be run as low as possible, whilst still achieving great print quality.

BCP Media supply and stock quality ribbons in various widths to suit most label printers. We have an extensive knowledge of label printing and can therefore give you expert advise on what ribbon to use to ensure consistency, durability, compatibility with label stock and optimum performance from your label printer.

Why use a BCP Media thermal transfer ribbon?

  • Expert advice to ensure compatibility with label stock 
  • Premium quality material used to ensure optimum print quality through your machines 
  • Manufactured with highest attention to detail 
  • Our understanding of variable printing ensures we only make product that is designed to guarantee optimum print head life 
  • We stock a large range of various sizes on the shelf for next day delivery 
  • To suit all machines including desktopindustrial (flat head & near edge) and print and apply.

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