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Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanners have come a long way, delivering efficiencies and error free data processing across all industries! Utilised from grocery checkouts encompassing hands free and integrated weigh scales to hand held scanners used at the retail Point of Sale.

BCP Media offer a range of industry-leading barcode scanning solutions, delivering optimum barcode scanning performance and ergonomic design, to ensure maximum productivity from your workforce. Our years of working within the data capture industry, enables us to offer an extensive range of fixed and cordless barcode scanners to suit a variety of applications and designed to operate in all business environments.

Our value for money handheld barcode scanners are equipped with quality decoders to ensure even damaged and poorly printed barcodes can be read quickly and accurately, delivering day-to-day reliability. Also available in cordless versions, our handheld barcode scanners can utilise BlueTooth, enabling the ability to move throughout the workspace, without compromise to the overall scanner performance. For the busy Point of Sale or counter-top, we have a range of innovative on-bench or in-bench, omni-directional scanning solutions, delivering first-pass read rates without requiring the user to precisely position the barcode.

When your business demands a barcode scanner to withstand heavy usage or a harsh operational environment, let us work with you to choose the right barcode scanner. We understand that not only do you require a scanner to withstand the elements, but also deliver consistent performance to keep up with your operation. Our industrial barcode scanner range offer IP ratings of up to IP65 sealing to minimise any production downtime due to equipment failure.

    Available in

    • Lightweight and value for money solutions;
    • Industrial/Rugged configurations;
    • Handheld and Hands Free/Fix Mounted;
    • Tethered and Cordless (BlueTooth);
    • Customer Service Plans available;
    • Extensive range of periperhals 


    Why partner with BCP Media to assist in your barcode scanner requirements?

    • Educated team of specialists to propose the right product to suit your needs 
    • All products delivered with full manufacturer’s warranty in Australia  
    • Versatility of equipment 
    • Globally recognised brands 
    • Custom service plans available;

    Barcode Scanner Brochures to Download

    Motorola Scanners At a Glance Motorola Scanners At a Glance (746 KB)

    Motorola LS2208 Motorola LS2208 (135 KB)

    Motorola LI4278 Cordless Motorola LI4278 Cordless (311 KB)

    Motorola DS6700 Imager Motorola DS6700 Imager (278 KB)

    Motorola LS9208i Hands Free Motorola LS9208i Hands Free (106 KB)

    Motorola MT2000 Motorola MT2000 (572 KB)

    Rugged Scanners at a glance Rugged Scanners at a glance (328 KB)

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