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Create custom cards on demand with a Zebra® card printer.

Compact and durable, plastic cards are ideal for a variety of applications including identification, access control and payment. Equipped with a Zebra® card printer, your business can create cost-effective, customised cards at unprecedented speeds.

As an Authorized Partner of Zebra®, BCP Media supplies a premium selection of card printers renowned for their reliability and print quality. Our range offers single and dual-sided printing in full photographic-quality colour or monochrome, as well as additional print features such as barcodes, magnetic stripe encoding and RFID.

Whatever your business requires, our range of Zebra® card printers and supplies will provide the optimal solution. Browse online now for delivery across Australia or learn more about our card printers below.

Which cards can I print on?

Typically direct to card printers (such as the ZC300 and ZXP Series 7) can only print to PVC & PVC Composite cards. Retransfer Printers (like the ZXP Series 9) can print to all of the below types of cards:

  • PVC and PVC composite cards
  • PET, PET-G, PET-F and PETix cards
  • Teslin® composite cards
  • Smart cards with magnetic stripe encoding options
  • Custom laminates with holographic designs

Discover the ideal Zebra® card printer for your requirements

ZXP Series 7

Print high-quality cards in high volumes with fast and reliable performance. Offering excellent value with a low total cost of ownership, the ZXP Series 7 card printer creates clear, bright cards using advanced colour guides. Complete with several encoding and connectivity options, single and dual-sided printing modes, and an LCD control panel for ultimate ease of use.

Common applications:

  • Identification cards
  • Access control cards
  • Gift cards
  • Membership cards

ZXP Series 9

Delivering unparalleled print speeds and superior dual-sided print quality, the ZXP Series 9 is built for high-security applications. Featuring over-the-edge printing and retransfer technology, this printer is the best option to print on cards with uneven surfaces such as those containing chips or antennas. Utilising Zebra’s exclusive laminate design, the series also offers a low cost-per-card and reduces standard waste up to 50%.

Common applications:

  • Identification cards
  • Highly-secure access control cards
  • Smart cards for travel and entertainment
  • Membership cards
  • Gift cards

ZC300 Series

The ZC300 series can produce single or dual-sided cards of any complexity with unrivalled simplicity. Ideal for applications that require a printer with a small footprint such as clubs, its fit-everywhere form factor contains advanced engineering to remove all of the typical pain points of card printing for hassle-free results. Print vivid or monochrome cards with thermal ribbons that create special effects and colours at the touch of a button.

Common applications:

  • Membership cards
  • Event passes
  • Food safety labeling
  • Identification cards
  • Access control cards
  • Credit and debit cards

Benefits of buying a card printer from BCP Media

  • BCP Media is an Authorised Hardware Partner of Zebra®.
  • We supply a comprehensive range of supplies and accessories for all Zebra® card printer series, including quality card stock and ribbons.
  • As a solutions provider in this vertical, BCP Media works with you to select the most suitable card printer and supplies for your requirements.
  • Our experienced card printer technicians offer on-site installation (which includes 12 month support).

Learn more about plastic card printers

BCP Media delivers high-quality printing solutions to meet all of your card requirements, from simple membership cards for customer loyalty programs to sophisticated smart cards for access control. With over 30 years of experience and product knowledge, we can ensure you select the right solution for your business needs.

Contact us today for professional support or explore the Resource Centre to learn more.

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