Roll labels

Guaranteed optimum performance with roll labels your business can rely on

Whether you are identifying a product, tracking a pallet or barcoding a pathology tube, your day-to-day processes depend on high quality blank roll labels to achieve optimum print quality from your label printer. Our product experts will guide you to ensure you choose the right label and ribbon combination to suit your product, application and requirements.

At BCP Media, we specialise in supplying labels to your required size, adhesive, material and quantity. Choose from 19mm, 25mm, 38mm and 76mm cores with permanent, removable or freezer adhesive. Manufactured by state-of-the-art machinery, our labels are available in either blank or printed in the following materials:

  • Matt Paper
  • Gloss Paper
  • Fluro Paper
  • Direct Thermal
  • Synthetic
  • Polyester

Whatever your requirements, BCP Media has the expertise and technology to produce self-adhesive labels in rolls that are specifically designed for your application. Browse our extensive range of continuous die-cut roll labels online now or learn more below.

Reach peak productivity with premium roll labels

There are many advantages to using roll labels, including:

  • Durable print images – Roll labels can be printed in either direct thermal or thermal transfer mode. Thermal transfer technology uses a blank carbon ribbon, which is melted onto the face of the label when heat is applied. This method of printing produces a permanent print image, which is highly-resistant to fading and scuffing.
  • Automated printing – Rolls have significant label capacity and do not require frequent paper changes, a combination that supports seamless automated printing.
  • More material options – Roll labels are available in a wider range of materials and adhesives than alternative forms of label printing, such as A4 sheet or inkjet printing.
  • High-quality barcodes – Thermal transfer technology prints barcodes with unrivalled quality, accuracy and consistency, resulting in superior scan performance.
  • Minimal waste – Roll labels enable you to print a single label without wasting an entire page. Additionally, roll labels can be set up for automated application to your products.
  • Low printing costs – With a low cost per label, roll labels are an economical solution particularly for customer printing high volumes of labels.
  • High print speeds – Unlike sheet labels, roll labels are continuously fed through purpose-built label printers that are specifically designed for high-speed printing.

Selecting the right roll labels for your printer

For efficient on-demand labelling, you need roll labels that will maximise your label printer’s potential. All of our labels are compatible with Zebra®, Datamax®/Honeywell® and/or Brother® printers to deliver outstanding results.

When purchasing roll labels for your label printer, there are five factors to consider: printing technology, maximum print width, core size, maximum roll outer diameter and label roll direction.

Printing technology

Label printers utilise various technologies (such as thermal transfer, direct thermal and inkjet) to produce barcodes, text and graphics on label media. It is important to understand the benefits and suitability of each technology, as each one requires specialised label material. Our product experts can advise on which technology best suits your business needs.

Maximum print width

Most desktop and industrial label printers have a 4″ wide (100mm) print capacity. Your printer will also have a maximum media capacity (width of the label including the web). Check your printer specifications for these details. Industrial models are available with a 6.6″ (168mm) print capacity if you need to print a wider label. Call us today for more information.

Core size

Roll labels are normally supplied on a cardboard core. The inside diameter of this core must match your label printer specification. Desktop printers normally take 25mm (1″ cores), while mid-range and industrial printers normally take 76mm (3″ cores).

The core’s inner diameter must fit your printer’s spool securely. If it is too tight, the roll will not fit on this spool to begin with. If it is too large, the roll will not be able to rotate and feed the labels through your printer successfully.

Maximum roll outer diameter

The roll’s outer diameter must not exceed your printer’s specifications which is normally 120mm roll od for desktop printers and 200mm roll od for mid range and industrial printers.

Label roll direction

Winding direction determines the way in which your labels will be run through the machine. This is particularly important if you have pre-printed labels and existing label formats.

Benefits of buying roll labels from BCP Media

  • We guide you through every step of your label journey, so that you can enjoy hassle-free label printing with professional support.
  • Our premium label materials guarantee outstanding print quality and durability.
  • We produce all labels with advanced equipment to ensure maximum quality and longevity.
  • As a complete solutions provider in this vertical, we supply direct thermal printers, thermal transfer printers and ribbons for use with our roll labels.
  • Drawing on over 30 years industry experience, we can advise you on the right label stock to adhere and last, as well as the most effective media and machine combination to print labels on-demand.
  • Onsite training ensures you know how to troubleshoot and make adjustments to achieve the best results from your label and printer investment.
  • Flexible deliveries prioritise your order if your stock levels are running low.
  • Auto-ship options are available to minimise in-house stock management.
  • Next day delivery is available in the Brisbane metropolitan area.

Discover a full range of roll labels to fulfill any requirements

Blank roll labels

Explore premium-quality blank labels to suit your label printer and requirements. Whether you require direct thermal labels for short-term applications, thermal transfer labels with unrivalled durability or cost-effective laser labels, BCP Media offers a wide range of reliable solutions for on-demand label printing.

Browse blank labels

Printed roll labels

Simplify your labelling solution with the highest quality pre-printed roll labels from BCP Media. Utilising the latest technology to produce both off-the-shelf prints and custom runs, we only supply labels with exceptional quality, consistency and accuracy. Choose the ideal size, shape and material for your business, with an assortment of colours and special finishes available.

Browse pre-printed labels

Freight roll labels

Keep your freight moving with our extensive range of freight and pallet labels suitable for carton labelling, transport and logistics. Manufactured from premium direct thermal paper and high-strength adhesive, we offer various roll sizes and cores to suit any desktop or industrial printer. Shop a variety of shipping labels, including StarTrack, Australia Post, Toll and TNT.

Browse freight labels

Water-resistant & waterproof roll labels

At BCP Media, we offer a range of materials for indoor or outdoor applications, which can be custom-manufactured in a roll to suit your label printer. Choose from high-grade synthetic or top-coat polyester material with maximum-strength adhesive, for water-resistant and waterproof labels, guaranteed to stick throughout item production, storage and transport.

Browse waterproof labels

Barcode roll labels

Maximise efficiency with a custom barcode labelling solution from BCP Media. Using only the highest-quality materials for guaranteed readability and unparalleled scan performance, we print accurate barcode labels including: SSCC labels, asset labels, logistics labels and pathology labels. All barcode roll labels meet strict GS1, ISO and ANSI standards.

Learn more about barcode labels

Request a quotation for custom roll labels

Drawing on over 30 years industry experience, BCP Media can deliver custom-manufactured roll labels to suit your precise specifications. Request a free online quotation from our specialists to get started.

If you are unsure of your labelling requirements, our experts can work with you to determine the most appropriate solution for your business. Visit our Resource Centre for more information or contact us to receive professional support with your selection.