Product tags

From pre-printed designs to blank tags, printable on demand, we deliver custom non-adhesive tags for any application.

Need a strong yet flexible tag solution? We manufacture an extensive range of product tags that will allow you to identify, trace, locate and improve efficiency and safety within your supply chain.

Tags can be attached to an item by wire, cable or ties and are typically used on products that are difficult to label due to their size, shape or surface (dirty or rough). They are also used in applications where the paper or plastic tag must be removed easily without leaving any residue behind.

Available in direct thermal paper cardstock, matt or gloss cardstock and synthetic plastic material in a variety of different thicknesses. Call us today for advice on a customised tag solution to suit your Zebra® or Honeywell® label printer.

Custom tag features

  • Printing front and back
  • Black line sensing on tag
  • Hole or specialty cuts
  • Perforations within the tag
  • Registration notch on tag
  • Fixed or variable barcoding
  • Attachment device inserted (high volume only)

Product tags for every industry

BCP Media supply a range of paper and plastic tags including danger tags, fresh produce crate tags, retail shelf, agriculture, meat and timber tags. Explore the different types of industrial tag stock below.

Danger Tags

Danger tags or Lockdown tags are used to flag hazards and isolate equipment. They can also be used for equipment inspection, inventory checks and identification. Meet Australian safety standards with the right danger tag from BCP Media.

Fresh Produce Crate Tags

Identify produce and provenance using our thermal printable crate tags. Include produce details such as farm, variety, picker, batch number, variable weights, routing, and use by dates to improve your supply chain and reduce spoilage. The Crate Tag or BIN ID number can be used as a unique identifier to track your produce from the farm to the finished goods.

Retail Shelf Tags

Identify, price and track your product efficiently with our blank or pre-printed retail shelf tags. Improve productivity and accuracy with barcoded retail label tags allowing you to easily identify your products and locations.

Agriculture Tags

Reduce your pre-printed tag inventory by printing your ingredients or bag tags using a Zebra® or Honeywell® label printer. Available in paper or synthetic, blank or printed.

Meat Tags

Ideal for meat inserts and carcass identification, our food-grade meat tags can be custom made from synthetic materials appropriate for food processing and packing applications.

Timber Tags

Our extremely durable timber tags enable identification and traceability throughout production, processing and shipping. Customise tags to include key data like supplier and classified use.

Barcode Tags

Short on time? Let us print your barcode tags for you. As one of Australia’s leading tag printing companies, we can supply tags with unique identification numbers on customised size and material to suit your unique application.

Get specialist support with your product tag labels

Explore our online Resource Centre for further information on industrial tags and labels or get in touch with BCP Media below to receive tailored advice and a free quotation for a customised product tag solution.