Barcode Labels

BCP Media prints durable barcode labels to your precise specifications.

In recent years, the demand for supply chain traceability, improved productivity and visibility of assets has led to a significant increase in the utilisation of barcode labels.

At BCP Media, we offer premium barcode label printing in Brisbane for Australia-wide delivery. Choose from removable or permanent barcode labels printed to your exact requirements and industry standards.

With pre-printed barcodes, your business can:

  • Achieve more accurate data transfer and recording
  • Reduce human error
  • Collect more detailed data, including specialised information such as insight on how products are transported and the effect on shelf life
  • Reduce training time
  • Input and handle data faster
  • Improve inventory visibility across retailers and throughout warehouses, which enables more precise tracking and reduced stock holdings
  • Identify inefficiencies

Pre-printed barcode labels customised to your needs

We specialise in printing barcode labels to your required size, material, adhesive and quantity. Our premium barcode label printing can include:

  • SSCC labels
  • Location Labels
  • Pallet ID Labels
  • Pick Labels
  • Transport & Logistics barcode labels
  • Asset labels
  • Pathology barcode labels
  • Sequential numbering
  • Available formats: QR codes, GSI DataMatrix, ITF, ISBN, ISSN, EAN, UPC, and more

Simply supply your data in text files, excel spreadsheets or CSV format and BCP Media will print the barcodes for you.

Benefits of our barcode labels

  • High-quality prints – We only print accurate, clear barcodes on premium materials for optimal readability and scan performance.
  • Verified for industry use – Labels are formatted to meet GS1, ISO and ANSI standards.
  • Zero duplications – Our high attention to detail ensures you will receive the exact quantity and range of labels requested.
  • Online verification – Optional. Giving you the piece of mind every barcode has been checked for quality.
  • Pre-production proofing – To ensure excellent results every time, we provide free pre-production proofing prior to printing your labels.

What to consider when creating barcode labels

  • What is the barcode label going onto?
  • What size is the label?
  • How long do you need the label/barcode to last?
  • How many digits are in your barcode?
  • What type of barcode do you require?
  • Is the barcode fixed or incrementing?
  • At what distance will you be scanning the barcode?
  • Do you intend to print in-house or require the label supplied pre-printed?

What to consider when creating barcode labels

Remain GS1 compliant and reduce the risk of human error in your supply chain with Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) labels.

An SSCC is a unique string of numbers that identifies a logistic unit such as a case or pallet. The SSCC label enables the unit to be tracked across distribution and transport, from its sender through to its final recipient.

Businesses depend on scanning SSCC labels to efficiently process incoming units. However, even minor faults in print quality and label formats can cause supply chain disruption. As a result, it is a mandatory requirement to include an SSCC on every GS1 transport label, displayed in both text and barcode form.

At BCP Media, we have the expertise to manufacture SSCC labels that are guaranteed to comply with GS1 standards.

Find out more about SSCC labels.

Browse blank barcode label rolls for thermal transfer printers

Want to print your labels in-house and on-demand? Browse our range of blank barcode label rolls for Zebra® and Datamax® / Honeywell® printers. We stock a variety of labels sizes, materials and adhesives including:

  • Direct Thermal Paper
  • Thermal Transfer Paper
  • Gloss Paper
  • Synthetic (white or clear)
  • Top Coat Polyester

Browse blank barcode label rolls

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BCP Media is one of the leading variable and sequential barcode label printing companies in Australia, with over 20 years’ experience in this industry. Our staff can provide you with advice on barcoding solutions including asset labelling, location and bin labelling and SSCC labelling.

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