Inkjet colour label printers and supplies

Create bright and durable labels on demand with Epson® colour label printers.

Want to print coloured labels in-house? Epson® Inkjet label printers create durable, high-definition, full-colour labels at the touch of a button. Maximise productivity and avoid the expense and waste of holding pre-printed labels in stock.

With fast-drying, long-lasting inks and a range of material and sizes to choose from, this labelling solution is ideal for applications such as packaging, manufacturing, retail, ticketing and logistics. Have the flexibility to update your pre-print label design for new products and campaigns without the additional cost of plates.

Enjoy on-demand colour printing with Epson® Inkjet colour label printers. BCP Media stocks a range of Inkjet label printers, cartridges and labels online available for delivery across Australia.

Key features of Epson® Inkjet colour label printers:

  • Models vary from 360dpi to 1200 dpi for consistently excellent image quality.
  • Dependable performance, even with demanding applications.
  • Up to 50% lower printing costs than laser printers.
  • No plate charges required.
  • Auto-cutter and peel-and-present options.
  • Compatible with OS, ZPL II and major middleware.
  • Variable sized droplet technology (VSDT) optimises the speed, quality and efficiency of ink usage.
  • Two types of pigmented ink technology for optimal results on matte versus gloss labels.
  • Water-based inks for a reduced environmental impact.

Benefits of buying a colour label printer from BCP Media

  • We specialise in a complete label solution from hardware to consumables.
  • BCP Media is a solutions provider in this vertical. We work with you to find the right product for your unique business requirement.
  • Customers are able to draw from our 30 years of experience and product knowledge.
  • We stock a range of cartridges to suit most models.
  • We can custom manufacture any label size you require.

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What is an Inkjet colour label printer?

Attaching wirelessly or via cable to your computer, an Inkjet colour label printer uses ink cartridges to create high-quality, long-lasting images on various types of Inkjet label media. The printhead sprays minuscule ink droplets onto your label’s surface as it is fed through a set of rollers.

What is the difference between laser and Inkjet printers?

The key difference between laser and Inkjet printers is the mechanism by which they create images. Inkjet printers spray liquid ink from cartridges. Laser printers melt a fine powder called toner onto the media. We recommend using Inkjet technology to create colourful labels with lower running costs.

Can I print on laser labels with an Inkjet printer?

Laser labels cannot be run through an Inkjet label printer. Inkjet label printers require specific label material designed to work with the inkjet cartridges. At BCP Media, we can assist you to recommend the right label to suit your application and printer model.

Inkjet cartridges for colourful labels

We supply a comprehensive range of Epson® inkjet cartridges available for next day delivery across Australia. Choose from Black, Yellow, Magenta (red) and Cyan (blue) inks, which can be used in various combinations to produce most colours.

Custom Inkjet labels for your business

BCP Media in Brisbane stocks a range of Epson® label printers and cartridges for creating coloured labels. Whatever your requirements, our experts are available to assist you with selecting your colour label printer and supplies.

We can also supply Inkjet labels custom-made to your exact sizing requirements and ready to print. Unlike many other label printers, Inkjet label printers can create colour images on matt paper, gloss paper and synthetic material.

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