As a global leader in automatic data capture and industrial automation, Datalogic delivers innovative solutions to enhance efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Ideal for manufacturing, logistics, retail and healthcare applications, Datalogic products are renowned for their advanced technology and robust reliability.

At BCP Media, we offer a broad range of Datalogic scanners and mobile computers designed to meet the demands of your business.

Discover the Datalogic difference

Drive productivity with world-class data capture technologies your workers can depend on.

Barcode scanners

Achieve peak efficiency with consistent, accurate and high-speed scanning solutions. Featuring laser, linear and area-imaging technologies, Datalogic scanners deliver unparalleled performance for every barcode reading application. Choose from general-purpose or rugged models to suit any environment, with ergonomic designs ensuring full-shift comfort. Corded and cordless form factors available.

Mobile computers

Datalogic mobile computers combine outstanding scanning capabilities with the key peripherals and interface of a PC – all in a compact form factor for ultimate ease of use. Packed with efficiency-enhancing features and the latest data capture technology, every Datalogic mobile computer is manufactured with a rugged enclosure for reliable operation in demanding environments.

Product support

When you purchase a Datalogic scanner or mobile computer from BCP Media, we will ensure you receive specialist support throughout its lifespan.

If you need assistance determining the right technology for your requirements, our experts are here to help you select the ultimate scanning solution. Visit our Resource Centre for more information or contact BCP Media today.

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