Rugged scanners

High-performance barcode scanning in the toughest conditions.

Designed for manufacturing, warehouse and outdoor applications, rugged scanners are purpose-built for the distinct challenges of demanding environments. Equipped with robust features to achieve non-stop performance, these industrial handheld barcode scanners deliver maximum durability and unparalleled management simplicity.

Dustproof, shockproof and waterproof, rugged scanners enable your workers to capture data accurately and efficiently under any conditions. Complete with full-shift power to scan at outstanding speeds and unprecedented distances, they provide real-time analytics that propel productivity.

BCP Media in Brisbane supplies a range of Zebra® , Honeywell® and Datalogic® and rugged handheld scanners renowned for their reliability. Choose from cordless and corded models available for delivery throughout Australia.

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Benefits of buying a rugged scanner from BCP Media

BCP Media offers a comprehensive scanning solution, from hardware to consumables.
We work with you to ensure you receive the right rugged scanner for your environment and applications, drawing on over 30 years of industry experience.
We are an Authorised Hardware Partner of Zebra®, Honeywell® and Datalogic®.
All rugged scanners are delivered with a full manufacturer’s warranty in Australia.
Custom service plans available.

Advantages of a rugged handheld scanner

Built to withstand the most extreme environments

Rugged scanners are ready for use in the toughest industrial conditions, operating consistently even if exposed to extreme temperatures, dust, water, grease, mud and force. Withstanding years of heavy-duty use, these highly-durable scanners offer a low cost of ownership for your business.

Available in a range of data capture options

With versatile data capture options, you can select a rugged handheld scanner designed to scan the specific information your business requires, including 1D and 2D barcodes, photos, signatures and documents. Advanced processing of these scans ensures clear and accurate images.

Capable of scanning any barcode in any condition

Rugged scanners achieve optimal scanning performance even on barcodes that are damaged, at a distance or under shrinkwrap. Capturing data easily under challenging circumstances, they ensure hassle-free scanning to help accelerate time-sensitive activities.

Delivers high-speed scanning at various distances

With different models offering various scanning distances, your workers can capture barcodes at near-contact or on top of warehouse shelves up to 70ft away. Within the specified range, advanced scanning technology achieves lightning-fast speeds.

Supports efficient scanning in loud spaces

Many industrial workplaces are so noisy, it can be difficult to discern accurate scanning with sound alone. To prevent delays in such environments, rugged scanners offer three features that confirm a successful scan: beepers, LED indicators and vibration.

Ergonomically designed for all-day comfort

Rugged handheld scanners are comfortable to use, shift after shift. Allowing operation with or without heavy-duty gloves, the ergonomic design is rooted in years of research to prevent hand pain and fatigue – even with intensive handling.

Learn more about rugged handheld scanners

Our barcode scanning specialists have extensive knowledge on rugged models and are available to assist you with any queries. Visit our Resource Centre to learn more or contact BCP Media for tailored advice on selecting the ultimate Zebra®, Honeywell® or Datalogic® rugged barcode scanner for your site.