Water-resistant & waterproof labels

Our water-resistant and waterproof labels are designed to endure exposure to harsh elements with unrivalled durability.

Even the highest-quality label is futile if it fails to stick to your asset. Manufactured for maximum adhesion, our water-resistant and waterproof labels are made to last.

Both synthetic and top-coat polyester materials can be overprinted with a label printer and resin ribbon, producing a label that can withstand exposure to water, oil, chemicals and scratches. Combined with a heavy-duty adhesive, you can be confident that your label will stay put during item production, storage and transport.

Our wide range of water-resistant and waterproof labels are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications subjected to harsh elements. They are also suitable for application directly onto frozen goods and wet cartons.

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Appropriate applications include:

  • Chemical drums
  • Nursery pots
  • Hardware (serial numbers)
  • Steel machinery
  • Timber materials
  • Healthcare products
  • Marine equipment
  • Agriculture and produce
  • Frozen cartons
  • Items being stored or transported outdoors

Benefits of buying waterproof labels from BCP Media

  • High-strength adhesion for unparalleled durability in wet environments.
  • Made from high-grade synthetic or top-coat polyester material that is UV stable, which prevents prints from fading over time.
  • A variety of sizes, shapes and colours are available to meet your specifications.
  • Drawing on over 30 years of industry experience, our specialists will ensure you find the optimal waterproof labelling solution for your unique requirements.

Learn more about water-resistant and waterproof labels

For demanding applications, including labels being submerged in water, left outdoors or adhered to frozen products, call us today for a customised waterproof label solution.

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