World-renowned for reliable and revolutionary technologies, Zebra equips frontline workers with the cutting-edge solutions required to achieve optimal results.

With Zebra label printers, scanners and software delivering enhanced efficiencies, businesses in all industries can transform operations for greater success.

As an Authorised Zebra Partner in Brisbane, BCP Media has the expertise and resources to provide industry-leading products and support to customers across Australia.

Superior printing & scanning solutions

Empower your workers

The right devices, systems and support can maximise the value of every shift. Drive productivity with the tools needed to gain business-critical insights, accelerate processes and boost mobility.

Integrate your platforms

Zebra solutions are designed to connect seamlessly with new and existing platforms, evolving with your business as its requirements change over time.

Streamline your supply chain

Harness the real-time data required to take instant action. With superior communication, control and automation, your organisation can optimise operations like never before.

Discover our range of Zebra technologies

Take productivity to the next level with industry-leading hardware, software and consumables that fuel faster, stronger performance.

Desktop label printers

Compact and cost-effective, these Zebra label printers offer the highest quality thermal direct or thermal transfer printing in premises where space is at a premium.

With easy-to-use interfaces and multiple connectivity options, desktop printers are suitable for a variety of general-purpose applications.

Mid-range label printers

Economical and rugged, Zebra mid-range label printers are ideal for small-to-medium manufacturing and warehouse applications.

These cost-effective and durable printers offer flexible connectivity, high-speed throughput, and consistent quality to strengthen your processes.

Industrial label printers

Zebra industrial label printers are manufactured to withstand heavy-duty applications in the most demanding environments.

Providing superior barcode, text and graphics print quality at high speeds, this robust industrial range delivers reliable performance to meet any challenge.

Mobile label printers

Produce quality thermal receipts, labels and barcodes both on and off site with a Zebra mobile label printer. Offering a lightweight, ergonomic design and maximum battery life, mobile printers are manufactured for convenient all-day operation. Choose from rugged machines for high-volume printing and light-duty models for general-purpose applications.

Barcode scanners

Available in handheld and hands-free form factors, Zebra’ barcodes scanners read and decode data with split-second accuracy. Whether your workers need to scan 1D and/or 2D barcodes for general purpose or rugged applications, Zebra’s range of purpose-built scanners offers a high-performance solution.

Mobile computers

Capture and analyse real-time data on the move with Zebra’s rugged mobile computers. Available in wearable and handheld form factors, mobile computers deliver a comprehensive range of features to drive productivity wherever required. From scanning to inventory tracking, workers can perform supply chain tasks with ultimate ease and efficiency.

Card printers

Produce cost-effective and customised cards at unrivalled speeds with a Zebra card printer. Favoured for its reliability and consistent print quality, this range offers single and dual-sided card printing in full colour or monochrome, as well as extra features including barcodes, RFID and magnetic stripe encoding.

ZebraDesigner software

ZebraDesigner software enables your workers to print professional labels with ease and efficiency at any price point. Every Zebra label printer comes with the complimentary standard Edition, with options to purchase a more robust toolset for more intricate designs. From basic to complex labels with fixed or variable data, there is a ZebraDesigner software Edition to meet your requirements.

Built-in intelligence to revolutionise your operations

Zebra’s Print DNA is an innovative suite of tools that transforms hardware with Android™ operating systems into powerful enterprise solutions. This unique package of software, applications and utilities eliminates the typical pain points of mobility platforms for unparalleled productivity.

Facilitate remote management, simplify integration and optimise operations with built-in intelligence that adapts to your business. With Print DNA, your Zebra printers, computers and scanners will achieve superior performance into the future.

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Zebra label printer support

When you purchase hardware from BCP Media, we provide expert guidance and technical support throughout its lifespan.

Need assistance? Our technicians are equipped to provide Zebra label printer support. We offer onsite installation, training and repairs to ensure your machine achieves maximum performance with minimal downtime. If you are unsure which technology your business requires, our specialists are available to advise you on the best solution. Visit our Resource Centre to learn more or contact BCP Media today.

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