Blank labels

Fuel printer performance with a full range of paper, synthetic and thermal labels manufactured for optimal print quality.

Supporting identification and traceability throughout the supply chain, blank labels empower your business to print fixed or variable data on demand. As Brisbane’s leading blank label suppliers, BCP Media stocks an extensive range of direct thermal labels, thermal transfer labels and inkjet labels.

Manufactured with state-of-the-art machinery, our blank labels are available in standard stock sizes or customised to your specifications for any application. BCP Media offer a complete labelling solution, from printer installation and training to hardware and consumables. We have an extensive knowledge of on demand label printing and work with our customers to ensure they achieve optimum print quality from their hardware investment. Purchase premium-quality blank labels and compatible Zebra®, Datamax/Honeywell® or Brother® label printers.

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Benefits of buying blank labels from BCP Media

  • We only use quality raw materials, ensuring our customers can rely on consistent, optimum print quality from their labels.
  • With over 30 years industry experience, we will work with you to determine the most suitable label, printer and ribbon combination for creating high-quality labels in-house.
  • As a comprehensive solutions provider in this vertical, we supply direct thermal printers, thermal transfer printers and ribbons for use with our thermal and thermal transfer labels.
  • Blank Inkjet label rolls are available for colour label printers.
    All blank labels are produced using industry-leading equipment to ensure consistent quality at a cost-effective price.
  • Next day delivery available in the Brisbane metropolitan area for standard stock lines.

Blank label materials

It is important to choose the right label material for your application. Whether you are labelling cartons, frozen goods, retail-ready products, pallets or medical equipment, BCP Media can provide blank labels to suit any requirements.

We supply a full range of blank label materials, including:

  • Matt/thermal transfer paper
  • Direct thermal (both coated and uncoated)
  • Gloss paper
  • Fluoro paper
  • Synthetic
  • Top coated polyester
  • Specialty adhesives

Direct thermal labels

Direct thermal labels are an economical solution for short-term labelling applications (up to 6 months), including shipping, freight, retail, hospitality, healthcare, warehousing and barcoding.

As direct thermal labels are sensitive to UV rays, heat and friction, they are best-suited to indoor conditions and are not recommended for exposure to direct sunlight.

BCP Media supply only the highest quality blank direct thermal label rolls, which are available in a range of sizes to suit all desktop and industrial label printers.

Printing direct thermal labels

Direct thermal printing utilises a temperature sensitive label material that darkens when heated by a thermal print head.

Advantages of direct thermal labels

  • Ideal for a variety of short-term labelling applications lasting up to 6 months.
  • Fast and accurate printing process creates quality labels at high volumes.
  • Eliminates the need for ribbon, resulting in lower operational costs.

Thermal transfer labels

Thermal transfer labels produce a permanent print, delivering extra durability for long-life indoor (paper) or outdoor (synthetic) use.

Typical applications include product identification, inventory management, repairs tracking and medical records.

At BCP Media, we produce premium-quality thermal transfer labels in a variety of shapes and sizes, with custom solutions available to suit your labelling requirements.

Printing thermal transfer labels

Thermal transfer printers melt a heat-sensitive ribbon onto your label as it passes under the printhead. The ribbon’s ink is absorbed by the label, producing a permanent image. This long-lasting printing method can be used on a broad range of label materials, from paper to synthetic.

At BCP Media, we supply a full range of thermal transfer ribbons in a range of sizes, colours and compositions to suit your requirements.

Advantages of thermal transfer labels

  • Extended lifespans make these labels ideal for long-term applications.
  • Thermal transfer printing process achieves superior image resolution for barcodes, text and graphics at high speeds.
  • Enhanced durability supports label integrity in harsh conditions, including exposure to direct sunlight, hazardous chemicals and industrial wear and tear.

Key differences between direct thermal and thermal transfer labels



Print image will last up to 6 months indoors
Print image will last over 6 months indoors 
Printed image is suitable for outdoor use √*
Colour print available
Print image is scratch & smudge resistant
Print image is resistant to fading
Print image is chemical resistant √* 
Print image is water resistant √* 
Can be used in a mobile printer

*Subject to the correct label material and/or ribbon being used.

Finished formats

BCP Media supplies blank labels in a range of materials, adhesives and core sizes to suit your label printer and your application.

Blank roll labels

Blank roll labels are ideal for desktop, mid-range, industrial and mobile label printers. They are manufactured on 19mm, 25mm, or 76mm cores with roll diameters to suit your printer specification.

Blank sheet labels

Sheet labels are generally used with laser, inkjet and A3 printers. Delivering high-strength adhesion, our sheet labels offer superior sticking performance compared to standard products purchased from stationary stores.

Fanfold labels

Typically utilised for high-volume printing, fanfold labels are stacked on a continuous liner with alternating folds. These labels can be fed through a slot at the back of your printer and into the printer roller, and do not require restacking.

Blank labels for Zebra® thermal printers

Using the right label and printer combination will help to ensure superior print quality and longevity of your equipment. At BCP Media, we supply an extensive range of thermal and thermal transfer labels designed for use with Zebra® label printers.

Available in various sizes to suit all models and price points, our Zebra®-compatible thermal and thermal transfer label rolls support consistent, high-performance printing. also suitable for use with Datamax/Honeywell® and Brother® label printers.

Request a quotation for custom blank labels

Need high-quality blank labels tailored to your specifications? BCP Media offers small to large custom-made runs available for delivery across Australia. Choose the size, shape, colour and material to fulfill your unique labelling requirements.

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