Laser scanners

Capture 1D barcodes with a best-in-class Zebra® or Honeywell® laser scanner.

Capable of reading 1D barcodes, our range of Zebra® and Honeywell® laser scanners offer superior scanning performance for ultimate application flexibility. Widely utilised in retail, healthcare, education and government environments, laser scanners are favoured for their reliability, durability and affordability.

TReady to optimise supply chain and customer service operations with a quick, accurate and cost-effective 1D scanning solution? Maximise productivity with a high-performance laser scanner that can read non-digital barcodes in any lighting condition.

BCP Media in Brisbane supplies a variety of market-leading laser scanners available for delivery throughout Australia. Choose from hands-free or handheld laser barcode scanners with corded or wireless connectivity.
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Laser barcode scanners to suit any business

Discover a range of laser scanners available in handheld and/or hands-free form factors.

Boost staff mobility with a Zebra® handheld laser scanner that delivers high-speed scanning in a lightweight ergonomic design. These laser scanners can capture and relay data to a host device in real time via wireless Bluetooth connection, or batch scan for future transmission.

Alternatively, go hands-free with a compact Honeywell® scanner that features advanced hybrid technology for both omnidirectional laser scanning and 2D area imaging. This dual-working mode achieves high-performance paper and digital barcode scans in workplaces where space is at a premium.

Whatever your requirements, BCP Media can supply a suitable laser scanning solution.

How do laser barcode scanners work?

Unlike 1D linear imagers and 2D area imagers, laser scanners direct a red beam of light towards a barcode to process the reflectance of its black lines and white spaces. The black areas reflect the least light, while the white areas reflect the most light. The scanner detects this difference to determine the width and sequence of stripes before translating this information into alphanumeric data.

An economical scanning solution, this technology enables your staff to read barcodes at high speeds. Note that the laser scanner must be horizontally aligned with the barcode for successful data capture.

Learn more about Zebra® and Honeywell® laser scanners

Equipped with over 30 years of industry experience, our specialists can work with you to find the most suitable Zebra® or Honeywell® laser scanner for your business. Explore our Resource Centre for further information or contact us today to receive professional support with your selection.