Healthcare labels and barcoding solutions

Support patient safety with high-performance healthcare labels, printers, mobile computers and barcode scanners.

Identify, manage and track patients effectively with flexible healthcare systems that deliver real-time analytics. BCP Media supplies custom and blank stock for all sorts of healthcare labelling solutions, including blood bag labels, prescription medication labels, test tube labels, lab sample labels, antimicrobial wristbands, medical record labels, patient identification labels and hospital access control labels. Ready to assure quality care in your healthcare organisation? Explore our extensive range of prescription and healthcare labels, mobile computers, scanners and software today.

Optimise your operations for safe and collaborative care

Ensure patient safety throughout their healthcare journey

Utilise healthcare labels, wristbands such as the Zebra z band direct wristband, and technology solutions to collate and access patient identity data, records, medication, specimens and more with precision.

Empower clinicians & staff to deliver quality collaborative care

Implement technology solutions that enable healthcare workers to connect, collaborate and communicate with colleagues.

Inform decision making with real-time data

Monitor, locate and track the condition of patients, healthcare workers and assets. Make data driven decisions to optimise patient care and safety.

Implement barcode systems for error-free communication

Utilise barcodes to deliver safe care to patients, ensure accurate communication between clinicians, and enable real-time access to patient data, medications, specimens.

Minimise processes with pre-printed barcode labels

Make use of pre-printed barcode labels for mission critical healthcare requirements. Our labels are guaranteed for 100% scan rate and 0 duplicates.

Healthcare technologies for all applications


Print and scan prescription medication labels, to record and verify medication dispensing. Secure prescription media, allow hospitals to add variable data, and ensure medication is being dispensed to the right patients at the right time.


Implement lab sample labels and custom test tube labels for specimen identification. Substantially reduce errors by eliminating manual data entry, record transfers and create test result entries with accuracy.


Optimise for safety, accuracy, and efficiency of patient care with antimicrobial wristbanding and wristband barcode scanners connected to patient data and medical records.


Ensure accuracy with pre-printed barcode labels purpose made for use in pathology. Connect to patient data and optimise communication with barcode scanners and mobile computers.

Hospital Catering/Cafés

Streamline your catering and food service processes with food labelling, inventory management, food safety tracking, and real-time data. Enable your team to deliver optimal catering service to patients and visitors.

Other departments

Healthcare labelling has applications across point-of-care departments including emergency, surgery and radiology.

Perform manufacturing tasks with maximum efficiency

Asset Management
Information Labels
Inventory Management
Medical Records
Prescription Labelling
Food Labelling
Blood Bag Labelling
Surgical Site Verification
Personal Identification & Access Control
Lab Sample Tracking
Antimicrobial Wristbanding
Bedside Medication Administration
Specimen Labelling
Diet Management
Unit-Dose Labelling
Film Labelling
Self-Service Patient Registration
Medication Administration
Pathology & Laboratory Labels
Pharmacy Management
Healthcare Communication
Data Management
Workflow Efficiency
Patient & Staff Tracking

Support patient safety and data management with Zebra label printers and supplies

Discover how Zebra barcoding and healthcare label solutions help healthcare organisations to identify, track and manage patients, data, processes and assets.

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