USB barcode scanners

Optimise everyday operations with an economical corded scanner.

The most commonly-utilised and cost-effective scanning solution available, USB barcode scanners plug directly into a PC, laptop or tablet port with a single cable. Providing rapid and reliable scanning performance for your business, they are ideal for Point of Sale (POS) applications, document processing and day-to-day operations in light manufacturing.

With an ergonomic, lightweight design and optional mounts for hands-free operation, corded scanners enable your staff to maximise efficiency and productivity without compromising on comfort. Offering outstanding durability in a variety of form factors, they deliver dependable data capture for a lower price than wireless alternatives.

BCP Media in Brisbane supplies an extensive range of Zebra®, Honeywell® and Datalogic® USB barcode scanners for delivery throughout Australia. Choose from corded laser scanners, linear imagers and 2D area imagers available in rugged or general purpose models.

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Benefits of a USB barcode scanner

  • Most economical scanning solution for small to medium businesses.
  • Simple plug-in setup for instant scanning.
  • Any modern computer system includes USB ports.
  • Proprietary terminal connections available on certain models.

Types of USB barcode scanners

Corded scanners are available with various scanning technologies to capture any barcode.

Laser scanners

These corded scanners utilise a red diode laser to scan the surface reflectance of a barcode’s black and white spaces. Capable of reading 1D barcodes on non-digital labels quickly and accurately at a distance of up to several feet, laser scanners are the most economical option available.

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Linear imagers

Functioning like a digital camera, linear imagers use light sensors to capture and decode images of 1D barcodes. Suited to applications requiring more aggressive corded scanners, linear imagers are highly adept at reading damaged or low-quality barcodes on screens and paper surfaces.

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2D area imagers

With a wider scope than other corded scanners, 2D area imagers can capture any barcode on any surface or screen from any angle. As the most powerful USB barcode scanner, they are recommended for businesses requiring high-speed scanning in heavy-duty environments.

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At BCP Media, we have extensive knowledge on corded barcode scanners, stocking leading brands such as Zebra®, Honeywell® and Datalogic®. We also supply wireless barcode scanners, giving businesses added mobility to their workforce.

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