Barcode scanners

Maximise supply chain efficiency and customer satisfaction with error-free data capture.

Barcodes scanners read and decode data with split-second accuracy, enabling your business to optimise productivity like never before. BCP Media supplies an extensive range of Zebra®, Honeywell® and Datalogic® barcode scanners online for delivery across Australia.

Our market-leading barcode scanners are purpose-built to meet the challenges of modern business in any industry, from retail, healthcare and hospitality to manufacturing, warehousing and distribution. Streamline operations, automate inventory management and keep lines moving with unprecedented efficiency.

Featuring optimum scanning performance, ergonomic designs for all-day comfort and easy-to-use interfaces that require minimal training, our barcode scanners are available in a variety of form factors. Whether your workforce needs to scan 1D and/or 2D barcodes, BCP Media offers a premium selection of handheld and hands-free scanners suitable for general purpose or rugged applications.

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Benefits of buying a barcode scanner from BCP Media

  • BCP Media specialises in a complete barcoding solution, from hardware to consumables.
  • We work with you to find the most suitable scanner for your unique requirements, drawing on over 30 years of experience within the data capture industry.
  • As one of Australia’s leading barcode scanner distributors, we are an Authorised Hardware Partner of Zebra® , Honeywell® and Datalogic®.
  • All barcode scanners are delivered with full manufacturer’s warranty in Australia.
  • Custom service plans available.

Factors to consider when buying a barcode scanner


Rugged scanners

Ideal for heavy-duty manufacturing and distribution applications, rugged barcode scanners deliver unstoppable performance in the harshest environments. Built to endure extreme conditions for years, these durable handheld scanners eliminate production downtime due to equipment failure and offer a low total cost of ownership.

General purpose scanners

General purpose barcode scanners deliver high-quality data capture for every worker in any environment. Designed to meet a variety of applications and budgets, these economical scanners offer error-proof performance and true management simplicity. They are widely-used in light to medium-duty industries such as retail, hospitality and government.

Form factor

Handheld scanners

With an ergonomic design for ultimate comfort and ease of use, our handheld barcode scanners ensure accurate, high-speed data capture for everyday reliability. Available with tethered or wireless Bluetooth connectivity, they eliminate the need to handle items and can also support mobility throughout the workplace. From retail-ready to ultra-rugged models, we have the handheld scanner to meet your requirements.

Hands-free scanners

Hands-free scanners are designed for demanding Point of Sale (POS) and counter-top applications. Our range of on-bench or in-bench omnidirectional scanning solutions achieve first-pass read rates without requiring users to precisely position barcodes. Boost productivity and reduce operational costs with high-volume, hands-free scanning.

Mobile computers

Mobile computers provide unparalleled flexibility. Combining the utility of a portable scanner and the intelligence of a PC, these devices enable workers to capture and access data anywhere, anytime. Offering a powerful trifecta of convenience, mobility and processing power, mobile computers are often used in manufacturing, warehousing, retail, field service, transportation and logistics environments.


Corded scanners

A cost-effective option for businesses with fixed workstations, corded scanners connect to a PC through a USB cord. With a simple plug and scan setup, these scanners are commonly-utilised in POS applications.

Depending on the model, they can be mounted to scan multiple barcodes at high speeds or handheld to read barcodes on heavier items.

Cordless scanners

Ideal for warehouse, healthcare and field service applications, cordless scanners offer enhanced mobility with wireless operation. Using Bluetooth technology to deliver real time or batch data transmission, these portable scanners pair seamlessly with host devices – no extra hardware or software required.

Scan engine and barcode type

Laser scanners

An economical scanning solution for light to medium duty applications, laser scanners emit a red beam of light to read the reflectance of black lines and white spaces on 1D barcodes. Laser scanners can capture barcodes from several inches to multiple feet away, with extended range models available.

Linear Image scanners

Capable of reading 1D barcodes accurately and efficiently, linear image scanners take a picture of the barcode before decoding its data. With advanced and aggressive scanning capabilities, this high-performance scan engine can read damaged or poorly-printed barcodes.

2D Area Imagers

2D area imagers offer the flexibility to capture all 1D and 2D barcodes, regardless of the condition or surface. Using imaging technology to read and analyse barcodes at any angle, 2D scanners achieve high-speed data capture with unprecedented efficiency.