Mobile computers

Maximise productivity with wearable and handheld computers built for optimum performance in any workplace.

Designed to help staff tackle supply chain tasks with ease and efficiency, mobile computers offer powerful data capture technology in addition to business applications such as asset and inventory tracking. The ultimate mobility solution, these rugged, lightweight and customisable computers optimise performance at your facility or out in the field.

BCP Media supplies a variety of Zebra®, Honeywell® and Datalogic® mobile computers available for Australia-wide delivery. Choose keypad configurations, computing powers, connectivity options, device sizes, screen resolutions, Android® or Windows® (limited time) operating systems and more to meet your requirements.

Built to boost productivity by relaying business-critical information in real time, our range of handheld, wearable and tablet computers include advanced software intelligence, familiar interfaces and superior security features.

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Mobile computers for every industry

Businesses in all industries use mobile computers to optimise operations, increase staff productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Transport & Logistics – Monitor and trace items from loading docks to delivery points, communicating business-critical information at every stage of the journey.
  • Manufacturing – Track every unit throughout production, monitoring supply levels, output and other key manufacturing metrics in real time to optimise your processes.
  • Healthcare – Improve the accuracy and efficiency of bed-side care with data capture features that support medical collaboration and instant updates on each patient file.
  • Retail – Provide product availability information, process online card payments and check prices to enhance your customers’ shopping experience.
  • Warehouse & Distribution – Pick orders efficiently while connected to live data via a WLAN, updating location, quantity and other details with consistent accuracy.

Types of mobile computers

Handheld computers

A handheld computer gives workers instant access to the business information, applications and contacts required to achieve peak performance. Lightweight and easy to use with a single hand, these multi-purpose computers combine the utility of a PC and portable barcode scanner.

At BCP Media, we supply Zebra®, Datalogic® & Honeywell® handheld mobile computer scanners designed to drive productivity and return on investment with enterprise-class data capture and mobility. Benefits include omnidirectional scanning technology for rapid and reliable barcode capture, as well as advanced touchscreen technology for flexible utilisation.

Our range of handheld computers deliver an integrated and scalable solution with widely-used hardware and software. Enjoy seamless operation for years to come with Android’s latest future-proofing features.

Engineered for enterprise applications in warehousing, distribution and retail centres, these handheld computers offer the look and feel of a smartphone with the durability for daily operations in demanding environments.

Suitable for a wide variety of workflows, the rugged designs available can serve your business long-term with secure, robust and high-performance solutions.

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Wearable computers

Improve efficiency and productivity with complete hands-free mobility. Zebra®’s rugged wearable computers contain leading data capture and speech-directed technology, keeping front-line workers’ hands free to achieve more for your business.

BCP Media supplies Zebra® wearable computing devices to fit any size arm, as well as ring scanners that enable simple point-and-shoot scanning with outstanding results.

All models are designed with sophisticated ergonomics to ensure ultimate comfort for every worker, while exclusive features such as tap-to-pair

Bluetooth connectivity take operational flexibility to the next level.
Offering heavy-duty durability for daily applications on demanding sites, Zebra® wearable computers are water-resistant, dustproof and built to withstand drops on concrete.

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Enterprise tablets

Handheld tablet computers combine sleek styling, familiar interfaces and ease of use with the exceptional durability, flexibility and quality your business needs to excel.

Rugged and lightweight for use across different industries, Zebra® enterprise tablets can be fully configured to suit your workplace environment.

Delivering real-time connectivity for unprecedented performance and manageability, these purpose-built tablets offer simple deployment, rapid data capture, advanced security features and reliable operation in the most challenging conditions.

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Vehicle mount computers

Designed for install on a range of material handling equipment, vehicle mount computers support successful fulfilment in operations of any scale or complexity.

Capable of enduring harsh temperatures, drops and shocks, they deliver on-the-go solutions to maximise performance in even the toughest warehouse and distribution environments.

Vehicle mount computers are available to purchase from BCP Media upon request. Receive a free online quotation today.

Learn more about mobile computers

The specialists at BCP Media have extensive experience in mobile computing solutions across a range of applications and verticals. As Authorised Hardware Partners of Zebra®, Honeywell® and Datalogic®, we are well-positioned to help you choose the ideal mobile computer for your requirements.

Visit our Resource Centre to learn more or contact BCP Media for support with selecting the most suitable handheld computer, wearable computer, vehicle mount computer or enterprise tablet for your workplace.

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