Label Printing Software

Create custom labels on demand with BarTender, ZebraDesigner or EASYLABEL software.

Producing a label containing variable data or a barcode has become a necessity in most businesses day to day activities. BCP Media supplies BarTender, ZebraDesigner and EASYLABEL software packages with the latest barcode technology, enabling you to print custom label designs with maximum ease and efficiency.

These premium label printing software packages include industry-leading features such as simple drag-and-drop design tools to incorporate graphics and wizards to create complex GS1 barcodes and RFID tags. They also feature ready-to-print templates for ultimate convenience.

The software package we recommend for your business depends on the complexity and source of variable data, as well as any integration requirements. Explore your options online today.

BarTender software

Turn data into custom labels, barcodes, smartcards, RFID tags and documents with unparalleled efficiency. As the world’s most popular label printing software, BarTender is trusted by thousands of organisations in industries such as manufacturing, warehouse and distribution, healthcare and retail.

BarTender label software enables your business to create flexible designs with easy management, best-in-class printing performance and reliable quality. Designed to help your business optimise label printing processes, it features advanced production and management tools, as well as optional integration, automation and database capabilities.

Core features

  • Commercial-quality designs, with options to include additional symbology support for compliance applications. Note all BarTender software editions are GS1 certified, ensuring your barcodes will be compliant to GS1 standards.
  • Connects to Excel and CSV files for seamless variable data input.
  • Improved quality assurance helps to ensure reliable design and production.
  • Print Portal delivers secure workflow approvals and printing from any web browser on any device.
  • Supports laser printers and thermal label printers.
  • Integrates easily with databases such as SAP, Microsoft, Infor, Epicor, Highjump and Netsuite to automate printing, minimise errors and increase efficiency.
  • Intelligent TemplatesTM create countless data combinations and label designs with a single file.
  • Always-on high availability options minimise downtime.
  • Strong security features include SSL, role-based access and Single Sign-On with Active Directory Federation Services.

BarTender software Editions

Starter Edition

Ideal for small businesses and departments requiring quick and easy label production, the Starter Edition supports variable data from databases such as Excel or CSV files.

Professional Edition

Designed for departments and small to medium businesses, the Professional Edition enables smart card and RFID encoding in addition to printing from databases and spreadsheets.

Automation Edition

Perfect for businesses needing to integrate automated printing solutions with existing systems, the Automation Edition provides tools to create labels with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Enterprise Edition

Suited to organisations in heavily-regulated industries or with several sites, the Enterprise Edition secures and enables the easy management of entire label systems.

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ZebraDesigner software

Print professional labels quickly and easily with ZebraDesigner software. Available as a free standard Edition with every Zebra® printer or as a more robust toolset for complex requirements, this software provides powerful performance at any price point.

Whether you are creating simple or intricate labels with fixed or variable data, there is a ZebraDesigner software Edition to fulfill your design requirements with enhanced efficiency.

Core features

  • Easy-to-use Windows-based interface simplifies the design process, eliminating any need for training or technical skills.
  • Parallel, Serial, USB, IP and Bluetooth connectivity available.
  • ZebraDesigner 3 is compatible with previous versions, allowing continued use with existing label formats.
  • Supports native printer fonts and barcodes, Unicode and NLBL format files.
  • Every Edition includes GS1-128 wizards to print industry-compliant barcodes, with ZebraDesigner Professional also featuring RFIC wizards.
  • Supports Zebra’s media offerings, with high-quality wristband design and printing.

ZebraDesigner software Editions

ZebraDesigner Essentials

A complementary inclusion with all Zebra printers, this software offers basic design tools and print features to create GS1-compliant barcodes and labels with fixed or variable data.

ZebraDesigner Professional

Featuring more advanced tools to print complex label designs, ZebraDesigner Pro offers capabilities such as RFID encoding, database connectivity, VB scripting and data concatenation.

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EASYLABEL software

Designed to support fast, easy and accurate printing that boosts productivity, EASYLABEL software enables you to design customised barcode and RFID labels with seven different Edition options.

Suitable for pairing with practically any printer that uses a Windows Driver, this sophisticated software delivers simple solutions for complex labelling requirements.

Core features

  • Print to any thermal, laser, Inkjet or dot matrix printer with a Windows Driver.
  • Natively supports hundreds of thermal printers, including Zebra® and Datamax®/Honeywell® models.
  • RFID and GS1 barcode wizards support industry-compliant label designs.
  • Middleware capabilities facilitate effortless software communication and control.
  • IP printing functionality enables printing from any device connected to an Ethernet card or Print/Device server.
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) for enhanced ease of use.
  • The EasyTutor training platform offers interactive tutorials to help you gain a full understanding of EASYLABEL software features.

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EASYLABEL software Editions


The Silver Edition supports up to 25 label fields and 40 types of graphics, with standard features such as custom text formatting and consecutive numbering. Print to several printers from a single PC.


In addition to standard inclusions, the Gold Edition offers features such as database connectivity, unlimited fields, support for 2D and composite barcodes and GS1 barcode wizards.


The Platinum Edition delivers a full suite of label printing software features, including RFID wizards, XML template generator and Print History Console for reporting, logging and reprinting applications.


Designed for easy multi-user management, this Edition provides every Platinum feature apart from the XML Monitor, XML Generator and Print Only tools.

Net Print Server

The Net Print Server Edition features a web-based interface for label design and printing. Use web browsers on any computing devices with Windows, macOS, Linux or Unix operating systems.

Terminal Server

This Edition offers Platinum features with the additional ability to run on the Windows Terminal Server platform. The software and hardware key are installed on the Server, making management simple.

Benefits of buying label printing software from BCP Media

  • BCP Media utilises the software in-house, garnering first-hand experience with functionality, performance, and suitability to the print requirement.
  • Our specialists can provide you with expert advice on the most appropriate label printing software package for your business.
  • We offer on-site installation and training on your new label printing software package.
  • By supplying only premium label printing packages, we ensure that you receive on-going support such as version updates and upgrade paths as your business evolves.