Direct thermal label printers

Create high-quality labels with simple and affordable thermal printing technology.

Direct thermal label printers produce high-quality images directly onto thermal label stock – No ribbon, ink or toner required. Suitable for short-term label applications such as retail, shipping and warehousing, this technology achieves quick and accurate results perfect for high print volumes.

BCP Media in Brisbane stocks a range of thermal labels to suit Zebra® , Datamax®/Honeywell® and Brother® direct thermal label printers. Available for next day delivery across Australia.

As an Authorised Hardware Partner to the world’s leading thermal printer manufacturers, we go beyond delivering products to your door. Our technicians offer expert service and support, to ensure you achieve optimum printing results.

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Benefits of buying a direct thermal printer from BCP Media

  • We specialise in a complete label solution from hardware to consumables.
  • BCP Media is a solutions provider with 30 years experience in this vertical. We work with you to find the right direct thermal printer for your unique business requirements.
  • We stock a full range of suitable consumables for all direct thermal printer models.
  • BCP Media is an Authorised Hardware Partner of Zebra®, Datamax®/Honeywell® and Brother®.
  • Our experienced direct thermal printer technicians offer optional onsite installation, after sales service and support.

How do direct thermal label printers work?

Direct thermal label printers use a printhead with tiny electrical elements that activate heat-sensitive media as it passes underneath. This causes the label material to change colour and produce a printed image.

With no ink, toner, or ribbon required, these printers are often favoured for their simplicity, efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

Direct thermal printing is ideal for creating labels that will be stored indoors for 6-12 months, such as retail and freight applications. The material will darken if the label is directly exposed to heat or light for too long, leaving text or barcodes illegible.

Advantages of direct thermal label printers

  • High-quality prints for successful barcode scanning.
  • Affordable printing solution for short-term label applications.
  • Simple to run with no ribbon, ink or toner to replace.
  • Low maintenance costs, as you only need to replace the label material.
  • Durable and reliable performance for industrial use.
  • Single or batch label printing with zero waste.

Learn more about thermal label printers

BCP Media in Brisbane supplies Zebra®, Datamax®/Honeywell® and Brother® thermal printers for use across a variety of applications. If you are looking to print pick, pallet, carton, despatch or freight labels, our specialists are here to help you with custom or off-the-shelf solutions.

Explore our online Resource Centre to learn more or contact our experts for assistance with choosing the most appropriate thermal label printer for your business.

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