2D barcode scanners

Advance your data capture capabilities with a 2D barcode scanner.

A 2D barcode scanner delivers true data capture flexibility, with the exclusive ability to read virtually any 1D and 2D barcode. Lightweight and easy to operate, these scanners utilise advanced 2D area imaging to achieve unstoppable performance at unprecedented distances.

Purpose-built to provide a highly-accurate scanning solution with outstanding durability, 2D barcode scanners are ideal in industries that rely on a wide range of data formats. These include healthcare, retail, hospitality, manufacturing and warehousing. Streamline internal operations, transform customer service and maximise overall productivity.

BCP Media in Brisbane offers an extensive range of Zebra® , Honeywell® and Datalogic® 2D barcode scanners available for delivery across Australia. Choose from wireless or corded scanners in a variety of form factors.

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What are 2D barcodes?

2D barcodes use both vertical and horizontal patterns of dots, squares or other shapes to encode data. Due to their configuration, they can store more information than 1D barcodes, despite remaining physically smaller. Examples include GS1 DataMatrix and QR codes.

As well as capturing a greater amount of alphanumeric data, 2D barcodes can encrypt images, website URLs and other binary information. This enables independent functioning without a database. 2D barcodes are also readable when printed at a very small size, damaged or at an angle to the scanner.

This ability to encode more information more efficiently helps to optimise customer service, inventory tracking, access control management and more. To reap these benefits, your business will require a 2D scanner capable of capturing such barcodes.

Discover the advantages of 2D area imaging

Our range of 2D barcodes utilises 2D area imager technology to ensure peak performance. Much like a digital camera, a 2D area imager scan engine takes a picture of the barcode before decoding its data. This scanning method offers multiple advantages for your business:

  • Encode more data at higher speeds and with greater accuracy than 1D scanners.
  • Scan 1D and 2D barcodes on paper labels and digital screens.
  • Read damaged, shrink-wrapped or poorly-printed barcodes easily.
  • Capture barcodes from any angle with omnidirectional scanning that eliminates the need for alignment.
  • Scan barcodes from unrivalled distances, with certain models offering greater ranges.
  • Extract specific information from multiple barcodes with a single trigger pull.
  • Scan 2D barcodes on items that are too small for use with 1D codes and scanners.

Utilise Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which extracts data from hand-written or printed text and converts it into a machine-readable format for further processing.

Learn more about 2D barcode scanners

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