Label printer ribbon

Explore our premium range of thermal transfer ribbons for all applications and most major brands of label printers.

Printer ribbon plays a key role in the longevity of your printhead and quality of your label, so it’s important to choose the right solution.

More durable than direct thermal printing, thermal transfer involves heating a carbon ribbon to melt an ink image onto your label. This achieves a clear, permanent print, perfect for long-life product labels and those exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures.

At BCP Media, we stock a range of Zebra® and Datamax®/Honeywell® printer ink ribbons in various widths and colours to suit your needs.
Choose from three different grades of thermal transfer ribbon designed to print affordable, durable and quality labels.

All ribbons are available for Australian-wide delivery.

Benefits of BCP Media printer ribbon

  • Suitable for all applications and the majority of label printers
  • Premium materials for optimum printhead life
  • Black & full colour options
  • Expert advice ensures compatibility with label stock

Calculate your ribbon requirements

Don’t run out of ribbon. With our online thermal transfer ribbon calculator, you can confirm the correct amount of ribbon needed for your next labelling project before you buy.

Know your numbers already? Learn more about selecting the right type of label printer ribbon below.

CSO vs. CSI thermal transfer ribbons

Thermal transfer ribbons can be wound in two different directions; coated side out (CSO) and coated side in (CSI). Most printers will only work with one of these options. We recommend you check your printer specification or call us if you are unsure.

Zebra® printers generally take ribbons that are wound coated side out (CSO). Honeywell® or Datamax® printers generally take ribbons that are coated side in (CSI). The matt or dull side of the ribbon is the side that contains the coating.

At BCP Media, we stock both CSI and CSO printer ribbons in various widths and grades to suit your printer and labelling requirements.

Thermal transfer ribbon types

The durability of your label print is determined by the grade of ribbon used. Discover the different thermal transfer ribbon types below.

Waxed thermal transfer ribbon

Waxed ribbons are for economy printing on paper material. Ideal for carton labelling. Due to the greater levels of wax in their composition, these ribbons have a lower melting point that allows you to print with less heat at high speed.

Wax/resin thermal transfer ribbon

Waxed/resin ribbons deliver sharp images on both smooth or coated paper, and some synthetic materials such as polypropylene, polyolefin and polyethylene. With strong resistance to scratches and moisture, this durable ribbon is a long-lasting solution for general purpose printing.

Resin thermal transfer ribbon

Melted into the label for unparalleled resilience against scuffs and extreme conditions, full resin ribbons achieve maximum durability on an extensive variety of synthetic materials. Suitable for chemical labelling and outdoor use.

Learn more about label printer ribbons

Not sure which printer ribbon is right for your labelling needs?

As one of Australia’s leading thermal transfer ribbon suppliers, our experts are here to help you choose a solution that will ensure consistency, durability and optimum performance from your label printer.

Alternatively, read our Thermal Transfer Ribbon Guide guide for further information on the various options available.